RYCA’s flagship product, Encompass,
is a game-changing half-mouth toothbrush that eliminates
user error and provides an
optimal cleaning in just 20 seconds.

The Pursuit of Effortless Oral Hygiene

RYCA International, Inc. was founded by Ryan Schwartz, a successful entrepreneur, and his dad Cary Schwartz, a renowned dentist to the stars. The idea for the Encompass toothbrush came to Ryan when he was at his dad’s office getting a mouth tray made for teeth whitening: What if there was a toothbrush that fit in the mouth and brushed all your teeth at once, just as the trays bleached your teeth all at once? The father-son team quickly learned that turning this idea into a reality was not going to be as easy as they thought. Several engineers were brought in to design the toothbrush but were unsuccessful in creating a product that would truly change the way people brush their teeth, a product the Founders could truly stand behind. The duo knew they needed the right team to bring their vision to life.

Designed by Dental Professionals; Engineered by Experts

Ryan and Cary set out to build the best possible team and advisors to realize their vision. From the Director of Engineering for Sonicare and Clarisonic to well-respected dental professionals and innovators, the team spent 5 years researching, developing and perfecting a true medical device designed for optimal cleaning while eliminating user error.

RYCA is now a cutting-edge, innovative dental product company, focused on creating intuitive products that people will want to use, products that will be endorsed by dentists, and meet both ADA and regulatory standards for safety and efficacy. RYCA is committed to reinventing the dental industry with high-quality, innovative and inspired products consumers can trust. While competitors tend to complicate products to try and promote compliance and technique (there’s an app for that), RYCA focuses on simplifying them.

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