We believe...

The sooner companies are represented by a top tier Institutional Investment Banking firm the better their chances for prolonged success as they can minimize most of the serious mistakes in raising capital.

This is why we finance the engagements, connecting Retainer Lenders to exciting Growth Companies, allowing them to hire DelMorgan&Co., MagicBullet.Pro and IWouldFundThat.com for a successful capital raise.

our main goal –

Provide Retainer Loans so Quality Growth Companies Can Hire the Right Capital Raise Experts from the Beginning

The Problem We Solve

Smaller growth companies don’t have the budget or the right connections to hire the big capital raise firms in the beginning of their journey when they need it the most.
No Access
Most individuals don’t have access to Institutionally screened companies at this stage.
Return of Capital Solution
The retainer loans are paid back upon the first capital raise. The question of how do I get my money back when investing in an early stage growth company is always the biggest hurdle to. We’ve solved that.
High ROI’s
Lenders receive zero cost warrants for providing the retainer loans, get paid back quickly, keep stock, creating the highest ROI available.

We take..

We take great pride in our ability to assist our clients in meeting their goals and objectives. We staff an unusual number of senior management members on every engagement to ensure our clients receive specialized attention and advice. We are committed to an uncompromising set of ethics and diligently provide the highest level of service. Our professionals are dedicated to providing timely, relevant industry information and analysis to allow for the successful capital raise.

Richard A. Johnson

Our Process

Beginning with a clear understanding of the client’s business and the overarching strategic goals.

A rigorous analysis of the strategic alternatives-including M&A transactions-and the value creation that may result.

A candid assessment of the potential pitfalls-in the strategy and in the transaction execution process-and ways to manage them.

A process that is tailor-made to the specific client situation.

The Typical Deal For The Retainer Lender...

The $2500 cost basis is the amount invested after retainer loan is paid back.

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