We believe...

The sooner companies are represented by a top tier Institutional Investment Banking firm, the better their chances for prolonged success. Institutional investment banking firms minimize most of the serious mistakes in raising capital.

This is why we bridge the gap, connecting lenders, growth companies, and top-tier institutional investment bankers.

Growth Companies are a Great Investment

Browse the marketplace to find detailed lending opportunities. Explore a company's product, mission, finances, & more. If you are interested, simply request a meeting

The Problem

Ordinary lenders have no way to access growth companies that have engaged with Institutional Investment Banks. Now they do!

No Access

Most lenders have never had the opportunity to lend to Institutional Investment Banking client companies for the Retainer Loan.

Underwriting Challenge

For the rare outsider who knows a growth company opportunity that needs funding, it was impossible to underwrite

High Minimums

Hedge funds that currently focus on institutional investment Banking clients have minimum investments of $1,000,000+.

The Solution

IWFT connects retainer lenders directly to lucrative Institutional Investment Banking clients.


Retainer lenders now have direct access to highly lucrative institutional Banking client opportunities.

Expert Curation

All IWFT retainer lending opportunities are subject to multiple layers of due diligence & underwriting, including a final review by an experienced investment committee.

Low Minimums

Lend as little as $50,000 to individual growth companies retainer loans or diversify your portfolio by investing in the ENGAGEMENT RETAINER OPPORTUNITY FUND.