About Us

About Us

Who We Are

We are a group of experts who have created an ecosystem approach for all parties who are involved in the transaction, their interests and their motivations.

We are actively engaged with potential counterparties through all phases of the transaction (marketing and persuasion, information exchange and due diligence, negotiation and closing).

An aggressive approach to identifying and pursuing potential synergies in pursuit of a “win/win” transaction, which can be the basis for true value creation.

A global approach to every transaction-reflecting DelMorgan’s expertise in cross-border transactions, our relationships around the world and our comprehensive approach to every engagement.

The Problem We Solve

Smaller growth companies don’t have the budget or the right connections to hire the big capital raise firms in the beginning of their journey when they need it the most.
No Access
Most individuals don’t have access to Institutionally screened companies at this stage.
Return of Capital Solution
The retainer loans are paid back upon the first capital raise. The question of how do I get my money back when investing in an early stage growth company is always the biggest hurdle to. We’ve solved that.
High ROI’s
Lenders receive zero cost warrants for providing the retainer loans, get paid back quickly, keep stock, creating the highest ROI available.


Richard A. Johnson II

Richard A. Johnson II


Significant firepower through the affiliate eco-system we have created.

We are offering an exclusive platform built for those who are interested in making more money with companies who wish to hire DelMorgan and others for a game changing capital raise.

Providing retainer loans to companies will allow more of them to hire DelMorgan Institutional Investment Banking Services to raise the capital they need. Zero-cost warrants are owned immediately by the retainer lender, and the loan is paid back upon completion of any capital raise. Loans can be recycled into new opportunities over and over.

We will present retainer lending opportunities to fellow members, short term in nature, equity participation for long term or sell into a capital raise.

These companies need access in an affordable way to access DelMorgan’s Institutional Banking and Marketing Services. The Highest Rate of Return, In The Shortest Time Frame, With The Most Security.

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