Phillips Entertainment Inc. Haunted Adventure, Guiness, Tomb Rider 3D

The Phillips family has deep roots in Texas Tourism dating back to 1964 with Gene Phillips and Aquarena Springs in San Marcos, Texas. Bill Phillips followed his father, Gene, into the industry in 1980. After 20 years of the successful operation of four tourist attractions, Bill, along with his management team of Davis Phillips, Chuck Dunham, and Sonny Marston, formed Phillips Entertainment, Inc. (PEI) in 2000. PEI was formed as a family business, to own and operate its very own attractions in San Antonio, Texas. The original attraction, Ripley’s Haunted Adventure, sold its first ticket on March 22, 2002. What followed was a rapid and exciting time of business expansion. Our Guinness World Records Museum was opened in July 2003. The third attraction was opened on March 22, 2005 – Davy Crock-ett’s Tall Tales Ride, which became Tomb Rider 3D Adventure Ride and Arcade after a major renovation in March 2008. All three attractions are located on the famous Alamo Plaza in San Antonio, Texas and continue to operate successfully to this day

In January of 2007, PEI entered into a management agreement with Ultimate Mirror Maze, LLC. to operate the Mirror Maze and River Sweets Candy Shop in Alamo Plaza. Additional consulting work was done with another of UMM’s attractions In Myrtle Beach, SC in April 2007.

After successful consulting work with the owner of the San Antonio based Buckhorn Saloon and Museum and Texas Ranger Museum, in the spring of 2009, PEI agreed to take over the management of those two attractions in the summer of 2009, along with its lunch café, gift shop, and the oldest Saloon in Texas.

PEI opened its newest attraction opened on March 11, 2016 – Extreme Escape Live Action Games. Extreme Escape is a highly themed and immersive escape room attraction where guests can choose from four distinctly different experiences. This concept was recently expanded with the 2nd Extreme Escape location opened early October 2017 in San Antonio

Today, Phillips Entertainment, Inc. is still led by the original management team. Those individuals have over 95 years of combined experience in the tourism industry. The President and CEO is now Davis Phillips, who succeeded his father, Bill, when he passed away in 2007. Some of the attractions and parks that our core group has led prior to PEI include two Ripley’s Believe it or Not! Museums in Texas and one in Florida, two Wax Museums in Texas, and a small theme park, Aquarena Springs. We have overseen the planning, development, and construction of four attractions, the major renovation of three attractions, and the daily operations of a variety of tourist related busi-nesses. Our experience is in planning, budgeting, marketing, advertising, and operating. PEI, with 230 employees, now operates nine attractions in five San Antonio locations along with River Sweets Candy, the Buckhorn café, the Buckhorn gift shop, and that famous old Saloon. Revenues for these businesses average approx. $10 million annually. Ticket sales exceed 775,000 people per year.

Phillips Entertainment, Inc. is an active part of our community and industry with extensive involvement in both the local and state levels, including the San Antonio Tourism Council, as well as the Texas Travel Industry Association.

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