Loop Media

Company Name: Loop Media Inc.
Address:1161 Harriet Street  Palo Alto, California 94301  United States
Contact Name: Shawn Driscoll
Contact Phone:(310)409-8055
Email: [email protected]
Annual Revenue: 6 Million
Year Founded: 2016
Investment Required: 10 Million
Presentation Files: Music-Video-History.pdf


  • Authentic-Non-Corporate Voice
  • The Most Expansive Video Catalog & Original Content
  • Differentiated Discovery & Social Features & Technology
  • Multiple Revenue Streams (Subscriptions, Commerce)
  • Global Focus & Reach
  • Offline Reach In Physical Environments
  • Unrivaled Artist/Fan Engagement and Commerce
  • Multi-Faceted Curation & Compelling UX

Loop Media Inc. (LMI) is an independent media, technology and entertainment company that acquires and licenses video content for worldwide distribution through its proprietary platform "LOOP". Our initial focus is on delivering a premium worldwide music video experience to fans everywhere. We have developed the "Netflix" for music video that delivers a social experience and connects the global community of fans to each other and to the artists they love.

With music driving the pulse of pop culture and content being the currency of the digital world brands recognize that in order to advertise effectively they must attach their digital campaigns to this type of content. These brands will collectively spend upwards of 50B on digital advertising in 2016 with this being the fifth year in a row of sustained growth. 25% of global video traffic is music-related, but the core consumers are not served with a compelling offering, such as an MTV blended with the convenience of a “Netflix” experience. Artists and labels are looking for alternative channels. As a senior executive from Warner put it: “Right now, video is particularly exciting and the YouTube status quo will not work”. At this moment content owners are actively seeking to support authentic services that offer them new ways to monetize in the digitally driven world, while social platforms have enabled artists to go directly to consumers.

Vevo is the main source for “official” and high-quality music videos and they are stuck. A unique opportunity exists because of the 5-year exclusivity contract expiration Vevo had on music video content (excluding Warner), Secondly they are almost entirely dependent on YouTube for distribution, and because they partially owned by the labels and Google this prevents them from exploring further commercial and strategic options. Vevo has built a $1.2B ad-supported business that is valued at $3-5B. They are investing little into innovation and operating slightly above break-even as shareholders are focused on extracting cash dividends. Other music-streaming services are YouTube (red), Spotify or Pandora, who operate non-video focused businesses or have other limitations in working with content owners.

LOOP is the new MTV: a new video streaming service for the connected, social
and music-obsessed global generation.

LOOP is the “anti- VEVO”: we speak to a generation that values authenticity and that will pay for experiences that enhance their music lifestyles and bring them closer to the artists they love.

LOOP goes beyond music video: we deliver unique original content, artist access, a differentiated user experience, unique music audience data and integrated into out-of-home experiences.

To make our vision a reality we have acquired ScreenPlay Entertainment, the Seattle based B2B Technology Company and international leader in IP- based, on-demand video distribution.

• A library of more than 70,000 licensed music videos, the largest of its kind in the world, including music videos from all major record labels as well as independents.
• More than 100,000 feature film trailers, video game previews, electronic press kits (EPKs) and TV commercial assets, many of which are exclusive.
• A Content Management System (CMS) and database developed and curated over thirty years.
• A Streaming Infrastructure that reliably delivers worldwide over 500M streams each month, (90% of Disney and Warner Brother’s online feature film trailers).
* B2B streaming services for all major record labels, film studios and video game publishers.
* A 26 year-old company that is profitable with no debt and 6M in annual revenue and 10% EBITDA.
In addition Screenplay is a master of video metadata. The company can deliver products in any format to any device. Their analytics and tracking tools allow studios and publishers to track views and identify specific patterns, trends, targets and content utilization metrics.
The company and its operations are widely respected and have been vetted by the best including, the Walt Disney Company, Amazon, BestBuy and GraceNote. These companies have utilized Screenplay in the United States and also have realized its impact in their non-English speaking regions with worldwide adoption.

Acquire and Reengineer ScreenPlay Entertainment Inc.- Owner of the largest music video and movie trailer catalogue in the world, 25 years experience and credibility with 1,782 Content Providers; Ranked #7 in Global Entertainment Streaming Properties (more than YAHOO, TURNER, AMAZON) Update: Acquisition was completed 10-16.

Build LOOP (B2C service) – Develop web and mobile platforms for a user- driven service to consume the most expansive music video catalog and original content with differentiated discovery and social features. As a result of the unique market dynamics and competitive opening, LOOP can approach end users, content owners and large distribution channels with a unique value proposition and attractive business model.
Complement with a unique network for out-of-home content service (B2B service for locations): integrations with venues, events & hospitality; layered on top of ScreenPlays network of operating programming on 10,000+ screens in locations across the United States and other parts of the world.

Create Set-Up (Q2/3’16): 1. Close Funding. 2. Execute ScreenPlay acquisition 3. Negotiate licensing deals with content owners. 4. Build LOOP minimum viable product (MVP).

Pilot Launch (Q3/4’16): 1. Re-engineer and extend ScreenPlay business. 2. Launch LOOP MVP in pilot markets Australia and The United Kingdom. 3. Iterate with market feedback and evolve LOOP product. Update: LOOP (www.loop.tv) Beta release with Web, iOS and Apple TV development 10-16.

Launch and Demonstrate Scalability (Q1/2’17+): 1. Launch LOOP in US.
2. Drive successful growth and engagement model. 3. Execute sales model and high impact distribution models (e.g. Facebook, Snapchat, Daily Motion), 4. Grow the current B2B out-of-home presence.