IWFT is Here to Simplify and Expedite
the Process of Raising Growth Capital

How It Works

If you have explored funding options with investment banks, we know you've run into high retainer fees & long waits (>6 months) for funding. For many young companies, the retainer costs are not affordable, and the time delay is crippling. Here at IWFT, we aim to accelerate this process & give you access to that funding by connecting you with funders aligned with your company's goal. Let us achieve 10x growth together.

Raise Funding For Retainer

IWFT provides short term loans to cover Marketing and Institutional Investment Banking retainer fees

Pre-Raise Growth Funding

Get additional funding to leverage growth opportunities prior to the Institutional Investment Bank capital raise from IWFT lenders

Investment Bank Funding

Once capital raise is complete, these bridge loans from IWFT are paid back with those funds and the equity given for providing the loan should already be worth more.

What Do The IWFT Retainer Lenders Get?

Lenders are initially providing short term bridge loans to allow the companies to hire the approved Institutional Investment Banks and other meaningful marketing firms. These loans pay a negotiated interest rate agreed to by both parties.  Additionally, the lender(s) will receive equity in the company they provide the retainer loans to, also agreed to by both parties. These loans become due at the time funding is completed.